The Columbia County Economic Team serves as a one-stop shop for accurate business, economic and community information. We have access to key local data sources and strive to provide the most current information available. We track employment trends, labor availability, community resources, building permits, demographics and more. Contact the Columbia County Economic Team at (503)410-1061 if you have questions or would like access to more data.


Made in Columbia County, Oregon

Columbia County has historically and continues to be, a center of excellence in manufacturing. World-class aviation, metal fabrication, and forest product businesses have made Columbia County their home. Learn more about the businesses already producing goods in Columbia County below. 


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Low Business Taxes

Columbia County offers the region's best tax climate for many types of businesses. CCET has developed a side-by-side comparison of business taxes for counties in the Portland Metro region. With a low tax burden, Columbia County offers one of the best Portland Metro region atmospheres for business operations. 

Columbia County has:

  • No business and occupation taxes (unlike Clark County)
  • No sales taxes (in Clark County it is 8.2%)
  • No local business income taxes (Portland - 3.65%)
  • No  local payroll taxes (Multnomah and Washington - $6.80 per $1000 in payroll)
  • No general sales and use tax
  • No  receipts and revenue tax
  • No inventory tax
  • No worldwide unitary tax
  • No motor vehicle excise tax
  • No state capital tax on asset value
  • No direct levies on intangible properties (e.g. stocks and bonds)



Download this Portland Metro business tax summary (PDF) for a full breakdown of how Columbia County can reduce your business tax expenses.