Laborshed inflow and outflow dynamics

Columbia County is a net exporter of employees to areas within Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington. Of Columbia County's workforce, 74 percent commute outside of the local area. Approximately 63 percent of jobs in Columbia County are filled by local residents. However, Columbia County jobs also draw workers from other parts of the region and these imported workers from outlying counties fill approximately 37 percent of local employment positions.


Workforce size in commute-shed, by City (2009)

This table shows the size of the workforce living within various commuting distances from each community in Columbia County.



Occupations: Columbia County residents (2005-2009)

Residents of Columbia County represent a diverse pool of occupational categories and skill sets.


Educational Attainment

An educated workforce is key to having a dedicated and diverse workforce. An estimated 54 percent of Columbia County adults age 25 and over have attended college. In Columbia County 26 percent of the population have obtained a college degree. This educational attainment shows that the Columbia County community is diverse, skilled, and capable of adapting to the changing needs of employers.


 Source: Applied Geographic Solutions

Unemployment Rate

Columbia County offers a pool of skilled workers ready for a variety of projects.